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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday's Hunt with my Ruger 10-22

Today was an overcast, drizzly day in the 60's; the kind of day I prefer to hunt in. From what I'm seeing this year, the squirrels remain active throughout the day when it's cooler and overcast. Then I entered the field, within seconds I was approached by 2 Game Wardens that were hiding under the trees on the side of the hill near the parking lot. Looks to me like they watched the lot with binoculars to see what I was putting in my car. I found an old bird nest that I thought my wife would enjoy, and they gave me the third to find out why I was at my vehicle and what I put into it. Then they wanted to know if my rifle was loaded, what I was hunting, and what was in my backpack (one warden went through it). Then he repeatedly asked me about pheasant stamps (or whatever you need to purchase to hunt them), duck stamps, told me that I couldn't shoot them, etc. I responded that I knew the laws and I wouldn't hunt a bird with a rifle and I didn't need a stamp because I wasn't hunting birds. I'm kind of tired of being given the third degree every time I enter the woods because I'm not a bird hunter. For god sake, I'm not a kid, covered in blaze orange with my license pinned to my vest. I'm not a 12 year old running around with a 22. I think the questioning is beyond reason and really is unnecessary. This is the second time I've been stopped since Saturday.

Once into the woods, the squirrels were more active than they had been. 2 young guys who were on their way out of the woods confirmed this and one had taken a squirrel with a shotgun (not much sport in that). I walked the tree area for about half and hour and finally spotted a squirrel, but it was too high and hid too quickly to get a shot. On my return trip I saw another one near the top of a tree. I brought my coyote hunting folding chair in a backpack and took a seat. 10 minutes later a squirrel appeared at the top of a tree; about 75 yards away. I leaned back into the tree trunk, got it in my cross hairs and took the shot. It dropped to the ground. The shot entered its chest, went into its head and blew an eye out. A really nasty and bloody hit. I keep some first aid stuff in a freezer bag (for me, not for the squirrels), so I dumped it into my pack and bagged the squirrel. This is a great idea if I say so myself. Next time I'll bring a couple extra in my pack for those extra messy kills.

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