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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little Mike Adams goes squirrel hunting

Hey Bob,
We went out squirrel hunting this morning and took along our good friend Chuck Willis that we have talking about on the show for a while. We planed this last night at the last second at my GrandPa's Christmas Party. When we got home we sorted everything out and TRIED to pick what guns we were going to talk with us (I chose fast. My dad took quite a while). I told my dad "I think I'm going to pull a Bob and use my .22" but I only had one to pick from; my mag. My dad ended up taking my 20 gauge youth model. I asked him "That's a bit to small for you isn't it?" He said "No such thing as too small". We got to the woods around 10am and snuck in and loaded up. I had brought my barker (call) and went to town with it, then sat in a spot for a half hour.
"I think I'm going to pull a Bob and use my .22"
Then we started walking around and herd one in a tree and stalked it using hand motions to talk. Come to find out it was a bird mocking us, I told my dad I feel like I'm in the army using hand motions to talk, walking around in the woods with guns (lol). We also checked out our tree stands, and under my dad's was the remains of a dead tree rat that an hawk had gotten a hold of. We never saw a thing that morning, but on the way out we found a pair of Coyote Tracks leading in to my dads friends area (he had seen coyotes in their before). I found myself a Coyote Area! Also I had to pick up some shells for my rifle at the discount outdoor store. For a box of Winchester .22 Mag Full Metal Jacket now sells for $10. The last time I bought some (this summer) the price was $7 for a box of 50. Well, now have some Christmas money and I'm going to get that Ruger 10/22 as soon as my dad and I cash the check. I'm also getting a Banner Dawn to Dusk Scope for my .22 Mag. No pictures from the hunt. We could not find our camera (uh oh). Have a Good and Merry Christmas Bob! ~Little Mike Adams

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