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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First Chuck of 2008

Thanks Mike for the 'Good Luck' before heading out to the WMA after work. Today was absolutely beautiful with a clear blue sky and temperatures in the 70s with no humidity. As the afternoon went on, I could feel it starting to heat up and by the time I was out of work, it was near 90. Man, after getting a shot at that chuck Saturday, I've been just itch'n to get out there again. As soon as work was over today, I changed, jumped into the Jeep and headed for the woods.

When I got there I saw 2 vans of people in the lot. I had no idea what they were doing, but thankfully for the bugs, no one in their right mind without a mission would subject themselves to the flying onslaught. Both vehicles took off before I finished putting my gear on, but I wasn't too pleased to see them since I saw that chuck Saturday not all that far from the parking area. I figured that it was a good possibility that they made enough noise to scare things off. I headed into the woods with lowered expectations. I passed the area where I saw the chuck over the weekend and saw nothing. Within about 5 minutes I was a brown shape moving about 100 yards away. I hunched down and stayed tightly along the edge of the grass until I was about 40 yards away. By then the shape had moved out of sight. Though I couldn't see it clearly, I knew it was a chuck by the way it moved. I took a seat and waited. I honestly didn't think I'd see it again, but within a few minutes I saw its head and shoulders pop out above the brush. I took aim with my Henry 17HMR Lever with iron sights, fired a shot, and it rolled over dead. Something in the forest will eat good tonight and I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come this season. Yeah, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nice shot, and nice exit hole. You've got more determination that I do, 90 degrees? No way would I have sat that one out. Mikey said, nice job, and wants to know are you going to skin it out? LOL ... Now back to the chuck, find his or her den if you can. It shouldn't be to far away. Keep looking the area over there should be more of them around the same area. One down and many more to go. Mikey shot at one two days ago. These kids are crazy, they fight over who gets to shoot the chucks. I think I will send them out to you to help you thin them out. Now another thing I would try with that chuck carcass, is go back to where you left it and look for coyote sign. If you can't find any, try to put it in an area where you could look for coyote tracks. Maybe in a spot that has soft dirt around that would show some tracks. This might be a good way to check for some yotes in the area. Good Luck.
Mike Adams Up North Journal www.upnorthjournal.com"

"Congratulations, and thank you for sharing. Hope all is well. We are in final stages of moving our factory to Bayonne New Jersey.
Anthony Imperato, President Henry Repeating Arms, Co."

GUN: Henry 17HMR GoldenBoy Ammo: CCI TNT 17HMR

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