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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 In the bag

When I left the woods last Saturday and hit the highway, the CHECK ENGINE light lit up on the Jeep's dashboard. It never fails. I bag my limit and my vehicle breaks down. Thanks Murphy! So today I took the day off from work so I could have the Jeep repaired. I dropped the Jeep off at the garage last night and since I'm just hanging around waiting for the garage to call, I borrowed my wife's car for a few hours for a quick hunt. My son broke his nose playing football last Friday, so at noon today he needs to have it rebroken and set (OUCH!). The hunt will have to end by 10:00.

I arrived at the parking area at about 6:15, and since it's a Tuesday I wasn't all that surprised that there weren't any deer or goose hunters there. It was cooler than I thought, so this time I wore my blade hooded coat and carried my blaze vest, so when it begins to warm up I can put the jacket in the pack and pull out the vest. I didn't do that Saturday and I baked on the return trip "While I was trying to spot squirrel movement in the trees the thought came to me that this is like trying to fish while something repeatedly tugs at your line making it impossible to know when to set the hook." out of the woods. Within 5 minutes 2 deer stood a stone's throw in front of me and didn't move until I did. I should have been a deer hunter because how can you miss!? It's like they stood there saying "Shoot me!". I didn't see anything until I arrived at my favorite spot, but within 15 minutes I bagged my first two and a few minutes later, my next two. I was getting a lot of action but I could feel in my bones that it wouldn't continue. It was overcast and general activity in the woods was slow. I continued to hunt the area until 9:00, then spotted another on my return trip and dropped it. I had one misfire this morning when I had a squirrel's spine in my cross-hairs at about 30 yards. I know I would have had 6 if the cartridge functioned.

Today was really a difficult day to hunt. There was a steady breeze for most of the morning that moved the leaves just enough to mask squirrel movement within the dense canopy. The sway of the trees also caused water drops and nuts to fall steadily from the trees. Without the ability to see leaf movement or notice them when they knock something to the ground, locating squirrels was basically limited to what I could see on the trunk and ground. It's frustrating to know that they could be right above me but I have no way to know. While I was trying to spot squirrel movement the thought came to me that this is like trying to fish while something repeatedly tugs at your line making it impossible to know when to set the hook.

As I've said in other posts, by 10am a majority of squirrel movement stops like clockwork. I know when it's time to leave when I'm thinking more about a Boston Cream and a cup of coffee than finding my next squirrel. Now to get Jamie's nose rebroken...

SEASON TOTAL (9/1 - 9/23): 27

A nose and vehicle update: The doctor decided against doing anything with my son's nose because he said that often kids break their noses multiple times. With the swelling down it doesn't look that bad so he'll wait till he's older to get it done. I told him I'd fix it for him...

Regarding the Jeep; my mechanic said that they just started putting an emissions additive in the gas for the colder weather and it's setting off everyone's 'Check Engine' light. All he had to do was reset it. It was a good thing I brought it in though because my brake calipers were locked up so they needed rebuilding and my front rotors needed replacing. What a difference driving home!... $325 lighter.

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