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Thursday, March 26, 2009

RELOADING: Trying a new coyote load

Ammo and reloading supplies are becoming more difficult to find, so we have to be willing to try new bullets and powder combinations. I haven't been able to locate a Hornady bullet under 265 grain, and I've been looking for weeks. Today I decided it is time to try another brand of bullet, and I came across a 200 grain hollow point made by Speer. I'm happy to report that these bullets are high quality, and should be perfect for coyote hunting. With a minimum load, the bullet should travel at 1748 FPS, compared to the 265 grain Hornady that travels at 1400 FPS. The 265 grain bullet is reported to be a good deer slug, but for yotes I want a smaller, faster bullet with a longer reach. Dirk invited Bill and I to his range on Sunday, so tonight I packed up 5 or 6 bags of cartridges, each holding 20 rounds of a specific load. Each bag has a sheet in it describing the bullet weight, powder brand and load. I'll be looking for groups and elevation, and will be writing everything down, so check back early next week or results as well as photos and movies if the club doesn't object. Hey Hornady, Lee, Speer and the rest! With all the free plugs I'm giving your companies it would be nice if someone would spring for a box of bullets or something. Hell, ammo is in such demand these days that most companies could care less about the individual comsumer. Go to Ruger or Winchester's website and try to find an email address. You won't. Their products are in such demand that you can forget about customer service. The only company that still seems to believe in it is Henry Repeating, where every email sent is not only answered, it's answered by the company president, Anthony Imperato.

Tonight I began by experimenting with Lee scoop sizes and weights. I filled a scoop with 2400 and dumped it into my scale's pan; the goal being to hit 22 gr. The closest I could get was a combination of 2 scoops: 1.00cc and .7cc. Those two scoops together totalled 21.4 gr., which is just under the 22 gr. minimum load. I loaded 20 rounds to see how that works out. I'll need to start making some custom cups out of empty casings get more easily measure loads that don't conform to the LEE cup sizes.

Again, here's the load: 1.00 cc scoop + 0.70 cc scoop = 21.4 gr.

Minimum load: 22 gr. = 1748 FPS Maximum load: 24 gr. = 1878 FPS This load should be a little light. I'll let you know how I make out on Sunday.

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