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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cleaning and modifying the NAA PUG

I shot the PUG at the range today, and when it was time to clean the gun I decided to try out a couple of ideas I had running around in the back of my head. First I needed to take the grips off so I could dip the PUG into by bucket of gun cleaner. Cleaning the gun was very easy since I was able to simply drop it in the bucket of gun cleaner (Dunk-Kit. See page product links in right column) and let it soak for an hour. This made life so easy that I didn't want to put the rubber grips back on.

The idea came to me that I had the rosewood grips for my Mini-Master and since the frames are exactly the same, they would be interchangeable. These grips are beautiful, and are easily removed when it's time to clean the revolver. The grips fit perfectly and looked even better than I thought they would, so they will be staying on (see photo below). I put the gun on a ten dollar bill to remind you was small this little handgun is. I'm loving this gun and it goes with me everywhere it's legal to carry.

It would also be cool if I could put the Mini-Master's .22LR cylinder on the PUG, but that would be impossible due to 'timing'. I asked Ken at NAA to explain...

"Bob, Timing of the cylinder, ensures full rotation and lock-up before firing on all five chambers. In the case of a short hand, the cylinder will rotate but stop before lock occurs. In the case of a long hand, the cylinder fully rotates but will not lock-up, and the trigger will not engage. As you can imagine, if the chambers do not fully line up with the barrel when firing, you’ll be splitting the bullet. For liability reasons, we recommend the gun be sent back for the fitting of a cylinder to that specific gun. ~Ken"
So in other words, don't swap out cylinders.

Today I brought the Henry 22 rifle to the range to sight in my new scope with the target set out 50 yards. The sighting in procedure went so quickly that I decided to put 10 rounds or so through the PUG which was in my pocket. The gun proved to be quite accurate for a gun its size at 25 feet, but 50 yards was asking a bit much. I only hit the target twice. Too bad, because I was hoping to get ride of my heavy rifles and scopes and replace them with this little pocket gun. Maybe if I change ammo...  Wishful thinking  :)

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