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Saturday, May 22, 2010

NAA MiniMaster Shootout - The winner: CCI CB Shorts. The loser: Aguila Sniper SubSonic

I shot the Mini-Master at the range today, shooting at close range; about 25 ft where the targets of most handgun shooters are set up. This turned out to be way too close for the 22LR ammo. My shots were so high that they missed the target completely. I'll save the LR's for next time when the target will go our to 25 yards.

The worst showing came from the Aguila Sniper SubSonic. I was VERY disappointed because I had high hopes that I could use this large bullet on chucks. These 'Sniper' rounds look like a small 22 short case stuffed with a huge 60 grain bullet, making the cartridge length the same as a LR. The bullet shot a few inches high at close range, which wouldn't be a problem. The issue wasn't accuracy. It was jamming. Twice after shooting 2 rounds, the 3rd round jammed the cylinder, making the hammer impossible to draw back. It appears that the recoil may have caused the cartridge to back out of the cylinder, at least that's what it looked like to me. It doesn't matter. If I were hunting I would have lost my shot. Consider these rounds worthless in the mini revolvers. I also discovered that they jam up in Ruger 10/22's because the magazine's spring tension causes the long bullet to bend, pulling it out of the case. Too bad on both counts. Save these for your bolt action single shot rifles.

CCI's CB Shorts were another story. They were dead on. I repeatedly whacked the bulls-eye and the misses were only off 1-2 inches, which is enough to still bag a chuck. My suggestion is to carry a dozen or so of these shorts with you hunting if you think you'll have a close shot. They're also quiet, which is another plus. At the next shoot the target will go out to 25 yards and ammo will switch to LR.

A Mini-Master question

"Hello been watching your blog on the Mini-Master. I've been wanting one for a few years but never could get one here in CA. I just ordered one and this is the 3rd time I've tried and it looks promising. I have always wanted to try a min globe sight with fine crosshairs. Can you tell me the height of the front sight on the MM from the base of the dovetail to the top of the sight? I ordered mine with the adjustable sights... I'm going to see if I can get one of these to try on the gun.  ~Rob

I measured the front sight for Rob and with the new rear sight, the front stands only 3/16" to the top. I'll be amazed if the 10/22 sight is that small. Since the replacement sights are working so well I'm not sure a set of crosshairs in the front will improve anything. I can see a real problem of the sight getting hung up in your pocket as well as making the revolver so that it doesn't fit into any holster. You might want to take these things into consideration. ~Bob

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