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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Testing 3 types of LR ammo in the NAA Mini-Master

Since it's woodchuck season again, I need to get the feel of how the Mini-Master shoots at specific distances and decide which ammo to use. Today I set my target out at around 25 yards and tried out 3 types of 22LR ammo. All are made by Aguila: SuperExtra hollow points (brass), the same with a black lead hollow-point bullet, and Sniper Subsonic.

SuperExtra hollow points is my standard rifle hunting bullet. It was shooting high at 25 ft, but at 25 yards it was right on, with groups of about 4". That's good enough to bag a chuck if it's within 35 yards or so.

Now this one I can't figure out. SuperExtra hollow points with a black bullet appear to be exactly the same as with the brass bullet. Both are 38gr and I'm guessing that since they have the same name, they have the same powder load. They sure don't shoot the same. I wasn't even on paper, and I had no idea were I was hitting since the cardboard behind the target was so full of holes. I'll stay away from these.

Lastly, I shot the Sniper Subsonic. These are really cool cartridges, with a case the length of a 22 short and a bullet so long that it equals a LR round. That's a lot of lead for a 22. They'd be great... if they worked. A Ruger 10/22 has a spring-loaded revolving magazine, and the spring pressure bends the bullet and pulls it out of the case. The last time I shot these rounds in the Mini-Master, the second shot always jammed and froze up the cylinder. I thought it could have been a fluke, but the same thing happened today after shooting the first round. Squeeze the trigger and instead of the cylinder rotating, it locks into place. The only way to free it up is to remove the cylinder. It appears that either the cases are backing out of the cylinder or the bullet is pulling out of the case. Either way, they don't work.

I was very pleased with my shoot today, and I'll be carrying Aguila SuperExtra on my next chuck hunt. Now I just need to find one!

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