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Monday, September 6, 2010

4 in the bag on a fun morning w/ the Henry Golden Boy .17HMR

This morning was perfect. I was in the woods before sunrise and the temperature was a crisp 50F with no clouds or humidity. Within minutes a got a glimpse of my first squirrel, but I wasn't fast enough to get off a shot. Further down the path a fisher-cat came out of the bushes 20 yards in front of me! It was pitch black with it's huge tail pointed straight out. It must have been as long as its body. I'm guessing it was following something because it didn't even look in my direction. That's the 2nd one I've seen this year, and only the 2nd I've ever seen.

"Further down the path a fisher-cat came out of the bushes 20 yards in front of me!"
To my left I heard a CRASH and 3 deer took off. A minute later 2 are at my right. As I entered my hunting spot, I set up a stool and took a seat. It wasn't long until another deer was standing right in front of me, followed by a second. Until I started waving my arms they didn't move. Taking off my backpack, I began sneaking around the area looking for squirrels. I hear a rustling in the brush and move in, thinking it's a squirrel. It was another deer, and we were face to face. I think I should start deer hunting. In total I counted 9 deer.

By 9am I had bagged 4 squirrels with my Henry 17HMR, and they are now in my crock pot slow cooking. Squirrel tastes like roast beef when prepared this way. When I cook squirrel for myself, I often pull out all the bones, add potatoes, onion, carrots, garlic and whatever. It does make a nice stew. For years I was the only one in the house who would eat it. Everyone else acted like I was eating the neighbor's cat. Today my son and daughter enjoy it, but my wife refuses to try it. It took me a couple years to get her to eat pheasant! When you grow up eating meat that you buy in a store wrapped in plastic, it's hard to get some people to change.

Today was a great ending to my much needed vacation. Hope you're having a nice labor day and are having some luck this squirrel season. Drop me a 'comment' to let us know. Alex asked me to mail him a squirrel tail. You've got 4 coming buddy!

I still clearly remember being 16 (the year before I entered the Navy), sitting under a tree with my brother who not too many years earlier returned from a year in Nam. Smoking a cigarette with a light snow on the ground we waited for a squirrel to appear. We had our own lives back then and we didn’t often sit down and talk all that often, but we did when we hunted. Those times were important, and all these years later they still return to me when I'm hunting these same woods alone.

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