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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ten Hour Squirrel Hunt w/ the Stag Arms AR-15

I just returned from the field and I'm beat and hungry, so I'll keep this post short. I got into the woods at 5:30 am and didn't quit until 3:30. I actually have seen more squirrels today than I can ever remember. The problem is that once again, my sights were not dialed in. I missed 3 early in the morning, and finally decided to find out what's going on. I took some shots at an old steel drum and it was obvious that I was shooting about 3" high and to the side. That's enough for a total miss. The groups were excellent, and after adjusting the scope a few clicks in each direction, I was able to blow up one-shot glass liquor bottles and put holes in 35mm film cans at 25 yards with no problem, and that's plenty accurate for squirrels.

Lung shot. That's why this one didn't get away.

This squirrel had an amazing tail. 

It only took a minute to dial the shot in, and the next squirrel I saw went into the bag. After that I must have had a dozen more sightings, but you never can tell if some of those sightings are of the same squirrel. They move very quickly and pop up who knows where. The problem I was having was that the leaves are so dense that sightings of a moving squirrel only lasted for a few seconds. That meant I had to basically get the cross-hairs on the squirrel and squeeze it off as quickly as possible. I'm guessing I had 6 other hits since the squirrel went airborne, but they couldn't have been to vital organs since they kept moving and vanished out of sight. Talk about frustrating, and you know I'd rather miss than wound.

Some of the areas are incredibly nut rich, and I'm guessing that's why there are so many squirrels this season. If this keeps up, this should be a great Fall.

Before I end this let me mention that I passed a group of birders on the path, which included very small children. I stopped and explained to the people that it was hunting season and they should be careful since they weren't wearing blaze. They didn't have a clue and said it wasn't posted. The area is clearly posted as a WMA and a hunting area. It's up to the individual to go the the state website to educate oneself on the hunting seasons. This isn't the first time I've come across this. I'd like to see the law changed requiring everyone to wear blaze, or better yet, make it illegal to enter the WMA's without a hunting license.

Season Squirrel Count: 4

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