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Friday, September 14, 2012

When nothing is moving, it's time to go... Hunting with the Stag Arms AR-15

When nothing is moving, it's time to go... They're redesigning the office spaces at work today, so they let me out at around noon and said I could finish my work from home. Today was so beautiful out that I decided to hunt this afternoon and deal with the work sometime over the weekend. I took my time and didn't get into the woods until about 3:00 because I wanted it to cool off a bit (it was in the low 80's) and I wanted to be out their near sunset. I must have had a dozen squirrel sightings today, which is amazing considering how lousy hunting has been for the past few years. The squirrels were scattered in various areas and not in any single spot. Many were in areas where I haven't seen a squirrel in 4-5 years! The problem was that the leaves are so dense that once in a tree, I only had a visual on them for seconds. When on the ground, they were busting me a good 50 yards out and all I'd see was a streak. This was happening time after time, until finally I resorted to my Murphy's Law tactic. Put the rifle down and take a pee. You would be amazed at how many times this tactic has drawn out a squirrel over the years. Don't ask me why, but it does. I think they hear the pee and it gives them the need to go, so they head down a tree to relieve themselves (hey, it's possible!). That's exactly what happened tonight. There I am peeing, and I'll be damned. A squirrel heads down a tree trunk about 30 yards away, and it doesn't see me! I finish the task at hand, square things away and pick up my AR. I take aim at the head and squeeze. It dropped like a stone as the round passed through its neck. That brings my season count to 5 squirrels. Tomorrow should be a bit cooler with a chance of rain. I'll decide later if I'll be out at sunrise or possibly hit the range instead.

Remember the baby snappers I came across last time out? Well they're getting a bit bigger. Still small for snappers, but at this rate they'll look like tanks by October. I'm also pleased to report that even without spraying, the mosquito population is minimal. Today I was able to hunt part of the time without netting, which has been almost impossible in this area. All one needs to do is to stop moving and in seconds the bugs are swarming. That didn't happen tonight, and man, does that make for a nicer hunt. It gets really hot under that netting. My wife said it's been a dry summer, so she thinks that's the reason. Could be. It's the first year the area hasn't flooded in years. Hope you're having some fun out there. Until next time.

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