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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Hunt w/ Ruger 10-22

Rifle: Ruger 10/22

This will be a quick entry because I have to get to my brother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Just when I was about to hang up squirrel hunting in this area, it turned into one fantastic morning!

I didn't get out until 8:30. It was very foggy and warm with the temp rising into the 6o's! I can't remember a Thanksgiving this warm. At 9am the fog quickly began to lift and everything seemed to come alive. During this hour I saw at least 10 squirrels. I had just put my Banner scope on the 10/22 and I was kicking myself because I had 3 squirrels dead nuts in my cross-hairs and missed. I had laser bore sighted it, but didn't have a chance to sight it in on the range.

I don't like to shoot in the woods unless it's at game, but I had to do something. I put a plastic soda bottle that was laying on the ground in the branches of a tree and took a few shots. I adjusted the scope a few clicks and I seemed close enough to continue on. I was amazed that the laser had me within about 2-3" at 50 yards, but that's enough to miss a squirrel. Within a couple of minutes I saw another, lost sight of it, then quickly spotted another one. I waited it out and shot it off a high, thin branch. That's the one in the photo and it's now in my freezer. Just when I was about to hang up squirrel hunting in this area...! Minutes later I saw another, got a bead on it and shot it out of the tree. It hit the ground and didn't move, then all of a sudden it began to crawl. I didn't want to shoot it again and destroy the meat, but that turned out to be a mistake. Squirrels are tough, and this one began crawling faster, and made it into some very dense brush. I chased after it, pushing through the briers, but I was getting torn up and finally decided to give it up. Boy was I pissed! I should have shot it again on the ground. I'll be back tomorrow. The temp will be dropping into the teens so I don't know if I'll have another day like today. It was like a last her-ah before the cold weather settles in. What a fun morning! Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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