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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jim's opening day of squirrel season

This morning was very foggy. Woods were all misty and surreal. Fog means no wind, great to see any activity but also keeps the animals down a bit. Minutes after sneaking into the woods, I was quietly walking a trail and heard a 'snuffle'. Right there, not ten feet from me was a skunk! Decided to leave him alone and see what he did. He just was finding a place for the day, I guessed. Have seen coon near this spot before and, sure enough, there was one climbing around in the tree just ahead of me. Big one, but let him go too. Not in season. I don't kill just to kill. Snuck about another 70 yards or so just enjoying the morning. Two squirrels right over me. Had the one lined up and ready to shoot but he jumped at the last second and saved his own life even if he didn't know it! Fox squirrels sure make the branches jump around a lot. Loved it. Sat for a while, and saw no movement so I continued in the little patch of woods. Came closer to the creek that is the border and decided to give the Flextone Mimic call a try. Put on the wounded cottontail and IMMEDIATELY had a hawk respond, screaming, and the blue jays and little 'pecker' birds were everywhere! Amazing how you think there are no animals near you for 100 miles and make a sound, and there they are! All you have to do is make the right sound! Again, loved it! There was some strange sounds that I didn't couldn't identify when I put on the baby coon but am sure something was close to me. Calling WORKS! For a little handheld unit, I am continued to be impressed by this thing. You think it's not that loud until you're in the woods, everything is very quiet, and then all the animals come to check it out. At least, the birds are the first to come. Great fun. Got too hot soon and was out of the woods by 9:30. Way early in the season, still time for many more walks. Best time of the year. BTW, didn't have to clean anything but the barn! Jim~

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