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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Private Land Coyote Hunt with Arne

Today was my first experience with coyote calling. Arne (at left) and I hunted state land early this morning. I woke up at 3:30 and arrived at around 5am. Arne must have been psyched to go because he showed up only a few minutes later.

A couple days ago I started preparing for this hint. I bought a new camo shirt, a shooting stick (which I found to be a necessity due to the Henry's heavy octagon barrel), a roll of camo tape and a 9 oz spray can of Sawyers Premium Clothing Insect Repellent. This stuff is really nasty. If you get it on your skin you have to hose yourself down with running water for 15-20 minutes. You spray your pants, socks and shirt down (take them off first!) outside of your house until they are wet. Then let the clothes dry for at least 4 hours. This stuff is nasty so don’t get in on you or inhale it! It not only repels ticks, it kills them. One treatment lasts for 6 weeks and 6 washings. I bought a special plastic storage box to store the clothes in when they’re in the house. This morning I put the treated clothes on, then sprayed the rest of my body with regular bug spray and I did not get a single bite. That’s a first. Arne used the bug spray alone and said he had gotten eaten.

The first place we walked to was an open field. We noticed a hole under a tree in the bushes that a deer had likely slept the night in. I took that spot and Arne took a seat on a large rock to my left under the tree. I set up a tiny 3 legged folding chair which saved my butt from getting soaked to the skin. I then set up my aluminum shooting stick. Arne had a folding tripod that worked nicely as well.

Arne had 2 methods of calling; a standard reed-type call and an electronic system. The electronic unit had a remote speaker that he set out about 25 yards in front of us. First he made a few loud locator howls, followed by a series of calls which included a pack of coyotes pups and various wounded animals sounds. This was followed by ten minutes or so of silence, then the process was repeated. I heard a coyote in the distance call back, but nothing from our field. In time, we decided to move on, so we drove over to our second spot, the field where they dump the road kill. For some reason there was nothing there, nor any sign that anything had been there for some time. Arne gave a couple mouth calls, and a return call came from the north. We staked out 2 positions; Arne to the west near the top of the hill and I went east to a lower position. After about 10 minutes of waiting, Arne jumped up and said that a dog popped up about 35 years from him, but he didn’t have his Ruger 22 in a ready position, so it turned and disappeared. He said that’s it for this spot, so we headed to a farm just south of us where he had permission to hunt. I met the farmer and he gave me permission to hunt his fields as well. As we began walking into the field, I noticed a series of fresh dog tracks in the mud. Arne said they were coyote, so we walked into the fields, found high ground and set up with our backs to trees about 50 yards apart. The calling sequences began again, but there wasn’t a sign of anything. After about 45 minutes we headed deeper into the woods. There were paths beaten down, but other than that there was nothing around.
"Today was my birthday 07-07-07, which was supposed to be a lucky day, but the only ones lucky were the coyotes." 
Today was my birthday 07-07-07, which was supposed to be a lucky day, but the only ones lucky were the coyotes. The weather was perfect; started out in the mid 60’s and was in the mid 70’s when we quit. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the hardest part of the morning was trying to stay awake, having gotten up at 3:30, remaining still in the beautiful surroundings for extended periods of time and being surrounded by dozens of chirping birds. I’m used to walking for miles combing the fields for chucks, so this proved to be a very restful way to hunt. I learned a lot from Arne today about calling techniques as well as setting up, clothing and the rest, so though we didn’t get anything, I found it a productive morning. Thanks Arne for the instruction. The two of us will be hitting up the farm fields after work in the near future. Hope this write-up gives you new coyote hunters some insight into preparation as information regarding what to expect.

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