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Saturday, February 19, 2011

'Why I Hunt' by Ron S.

"Last winter thanks in part to my nephew I returned to hunting. I hunted in high school with a couple of friends but life got busy college, married life and working for a living. That first day hunting with my nephew reminded me just how much I love being in the outdoors. I've become somewhat addicted to coyote hunting and had the pleasure last season on introducing my wife to hunting and she loved it. Conflicting schedules have forced me to hunt alone this year but I still love. Many people ask me why I hunt and how can a dog lover hunt coyotes. Well there are several reasons. Here in SW Indiana coyotes have no natural predators. Having no natural predators they get overpopulated ans when the food supply in the woods gets scarce they move into populated areas where they attack livestock driving up food costs. They also attack pets. I love my dog but I have no problem killing another animal that threatens him. Every coyote that we hunters kill is one less coyote to eat your chickens or your cat. Last night I carefully laid out my hunting gear, rifle, magazines,ammo, attractant/cover scent and the bag that I store my hunting clothes in. This morning I got up put on my layers of hunting clothes applying coyote in heat to each layer, hung my calls around my neck loaded my rifle in the truck dropped my wife at work and headed for the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge. A few minutes after 6:00 am I walked in from the west on a narrow trail through the woods to the top of a ridge overlooking the lake. I sat down in the brush and watched a full moon set it the west as the sun came up in the east watching the time on my cell phone for legal sunrise time. Just after sunrise the ducks and geese became active and a flock of blackbird flew over but no luck calling in coyotes. Last year I tracked on to the lake when it was frozen over. I walked out and drove to another entry point to the refuge about 3 miles to the east and walked in along the river setting up in a couple of clearings, no luck today. At least no luck hunting coyotes. However I had great luck getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and getting away from the concrete, asphalt, traffic lights, schedules, deadlines and commitments and enjoying the awesomeness of God`s creation. Which deep down in why I believe all of us hunt. Hunting takes us back to a simpler less stressful time that modern technology has stolen from us." Ron Smith (used by permission)

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