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Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Henry rimfire's over the past 10 years.

H001T Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier .22
A very reliable rifle that I hunted with the most. Accurate and well balanced. Less damage to the meat than when shooting the 17HMRs.

H004V Henry Golden Boy .17HMR
An excellent, well balanced rifle. I made my best shots on running squirrels with this rifle using the iron sights. I even coyote hunted with it by wrapping the brass with camo tape.

 H001TLP Henry Small Game Carbine .22
This is my second season hunting with this rifle. I'm going to use Low-velocity CCI Quiet .22. The rifle really needs a sling because the barrel is heavy. It's a shorter version of the H001T with a big loop that helps when shooting with gloves on during the winter. Plus it looks cool. Comes with a Skinner peep sight, which is something I've installed on most of my rifles. Being short it's easy to carry through thick brush.

 H002C U.S. Survival AR-7 - Camo
 A very reliable and simple action. This rifle never jams. I did find that when the barrel heats up, it is no longer accurate. It's a survival rifle and not built for the range. If you want to keep a rifle in your boat, this one floats. The barrel and receiver slide into the stock making it very compact. Great to throw in the trunk of your car and forget about until it's needed.

This gun shoots so good that the squirrels surrendered their tails and ran away!

H001V Varmint Express .17 HMR
I bagged more squirrels in a shorter number of months with this rifle than with any of them. The rifle feels a little bigger than the rest due to the beefy stock. I found the stock's large comb difficult to shoulder, so I didn't hunt with it much.

H003T Pump Action Octagon .22
I love this pump. I had been wanting one for years and I finally picked one up. The rifle is very accurate, it cycles faster than the lever guns and you can shoot from the prone position. No negatives on this gun. Buy it if you can find one.

 H001 Classic Lever Action .22 Rifle
 It had been about 30 years since I went hunting or shooting, and this was the first rifle I bought to get myself back into the sport without breaking the bank. This rifle is inexpensive, light, smooth and easy to shoot. The only drawback to this rifle is the lighter barrel (which is great while hunting). I discovered that after putting 20 rounds or so downrange, the barrel begins to heat and it loses some accuracy. That's where the heavy octagon barrels really excel. You can shoot all day with them and I've never had them lose accuracy. But for hunting where you might take a few shots here and a few there, this rifle is really enough gun for most small game hunters. This is the first chuck I bagged since I was a kid, and I did it with the H001.

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