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Friday, September 16, 2016

Not a lot of action today but I did put two in the bag w/ the Henry .22 Carbine and CCI Quiet 22

I was able to get out of work an hour early today to hunt on another one of the nicest days of the year. I wanted to get out a bit earlier today to enjoy the afternoon, but also to see when the squirrels started feeding. I left work at 2:30 and made it to my spot by 3. This time I wore face netting to keep the annoying gnats away, and I also hit myself with some bug spray. This area is low on mosquitoes but there's still enough to be distracting.

You guys who think you need to always hunt with the latest and greatest head to toe camo... I had on jeans, a white T-shirt, white sneakers, and a blaze orange vest. If you limit your movements you likely won't be seen no matter what you're wearing. But if you plan to move around a lot you will need to become invisible.

I found the perfect place to sit right near that batch of trees that proved to be loaded with squirrels. Three medium size trees forming a 'V' that I could lean up against. Beautiful.

I sat for a good hour before the first squirrel emerged. It was in almost the same spot where I knocked one down yesterday. I couldn't see it's head due to the dense foliage, so I aimed for the lungs and dropped it. Soon after I kept my eye pealed for another squirrel that was making momentary appearances, then disappearing. I waited for about half an hour but it wasn't moving. I kept looking over the branches until I finally came across something gray. I studied it through the scope and that was the squirrel I was hunting for! I quickly put it in my crosshairs and 'CRACK'. It dropped and hit the leaves with a 'THUD'. I love that sound! I got right up to be sure this squirrel didn't drag itself away to die in a hole somewhere, but it obviously gave up the ghost before hitting the ground. While looking for the second squirrel, I came across a big dead chipmunk a few feet away. This thing was huge! I thought, "Are you telling me that was a chipmunk in the tree?!" It did have a big tail. I nudged it with my foot and it was stiff as a board. This had been dead for awhile. Soon after I located my squirrel a few paces away. Then I realized that this must be one of the 'squirrels' that I shot on the rock wall this week which I though dragged itself away. Like I said, this chipmunk was huge, about the size of a small squirrel.

These squirrels are much redder than the grays I hunt in my other spot

A short time later a bow hunter quietly approached me and asked if I was pushing forward through the woods. I told him I was staying put and he thanked me and very quietly walked by. It's nice to see someone who respects another man's hunt, especially a squirrel hunter. He ended up in a tree stand about 75 yards away. My friends from out west find it strange how we hunt in each other's laps in Connecticut. Hunting areas are small here and we all really need cooperation to make it work.

I ended up hunting till 6. The wind picked up and once that happened only 2 squirrels momentarily appeared. I rarely hunt in the evening, so I did learn that feeding time starts at about 4:30 and lasts for around an hour. No sense in showing up much earlier, unless you're there during their morning feeding (6am - 9am).

Once again, I hunted with the Henry Carbine and CCI's Quiet 22. I was able to shoot without scaring anything! The only thing that did get them to quiet down and hide was when I came out of hiding to retrieve my prizes.

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