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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It just didn't feel right, With the .22 Carbine and CCI Quiet 22

Today was a beautiful day, in the mid 70's without a cloud in the sky, but by 3:30 things began to change. Clouds were moving in and the wind was blowing. By the time I was half way to the WMA the street turned wet. A cell obviously let loose in this area, but within a couple of minutes the street was dry again. That's good for two reasons. The squirrels don't like 'weather' and I didn't feel like sitting on wet rocks.

The air was still when I entered the woods but from time to time small gusts of wind began to blow. I had that gut feeling that this wasn't good. Unlike a couple days ago I wasn't hearing sounds coming from the trees. I lit up a bug repellent stick and took a seat on a rock. After about 15 minutes, at a distance two squirrels emerged from the trees. They were too far out to take a shot so I quietly stood up and moved behind a tree. I would catch a glimpse of them from time to time, then lose sight of them again. Finally I spotted one about 40 yards out and another 25 yards to my left. That closer one stopped on the side of the trunk. Bracing myself against the tree, I put its head in my crosshairs and squeezed off a round of Quiet 22. It dropped. Soon the second squirrel began to chatter. The bark got louder and it began moving deeper into the woods.

Unlike last time I immediately went after the downed squirrel. It had a bullet in and out of its brain; an instant kill. The other squirrel kept moving and barking, finally disappearing in the distance. I sat down again and waited. It didn't feel right. Nothing was going to move in this. The leaves were rustling. I could hear noise from the street and there was almost no animal sound from the woods. My feelings proved correct and nothing else moved. I decide to take one last push to see if anything else was moving down the path. Everything remained quiet so I turned around and left the woods at 5pm. At least I'm getting some action here! Not bad for a quick stop after work. Until the next hunt...

Rifle: Henry .22 Carbine
Ammo: CCI Quiet 22

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