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Thursday, September 15, 2016

It was a squirrel hunter's dream, with the Henry .22 Carbine and CCI Quiet 22

I've never experienced anything like it. This afternoon I left work at the usual time and entered the woods at about 4:00. I quietly walked heal to toe down the path, trying not to crunch the dry leaves under my feet. Reaching a big rock I took a seat and waited. Within minutes I spotted two squirrels on a tree. They chased each other down the trunk as I slowly reached for my Henry carbine loaded with CCI Quiet 22. A big one stopped and I quickly put the cross-hairs on its head and CRACK! The squirrel rolled over and hit the ground. The second squirrel began barking and went higher into the canopy where it could be hidden by the leaves. I listened. Shells were dropping everywhere. These obviously were not nuts dropped by the wind. Looking into the top of the trees I saw rustling everywhere! I'd glimpse a squirrel for a few seconds and then it would be gone. I've never seen a September with so much food available. No wonder there's such an explosion of the squirrel population in this area. I estimate that there were at least a dozen squirrels in the tree-tops within eye-shot today.

Over the hour I only took a few shots. The squirrels went air-born, by the time the low-velocity bullet penetrated the leaves and branches, it must have been like hitting a squirrel with an airsoft pellet. The squirrel would jump, run, and come right back! Other squirrels weren't spooked at all by my shots though a few of them barked, then returned to the task of eating. This is awesome! What a blast. One nice thing about this low velocity ammo is that I can shoot into the trees without worrying about the bullet traveling for miles into a housing area. That still doesn't mean you can be careless with this stuff, but in case a bullet doesn't impact something it likely won't have a lot of range.

There was still plenty of feeding time left, but I've been up since 5am and was beat. I left the squirrels to fatten up for another day. Maybe play with them tomorrow.

Rifle: Henry .22 Carbine
Ammo: CCI Quiet 22

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