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Monday, September 5, 2016

The CCI Quiet .22 works! in the Henry .22 Carbine

Three shots and two more squirrels in the bag this morning. The best part was that these squirrels were dropped with the Henry Carbine and CCI's Quiet .22.

The Labor day hunt began at around 7:00. Only one other guy was in the parking area and he was still putting on his gear. I beat him into the woods and passed through my 'hot zone' but nothing was moving. It was an overcast, breezy morning. I didn't feel like today would be a bust, but I also didn't feel overly positive either. A lot would depend on how windy it would get. Squirrels hate wind. Storm Hermine is currently 200 miles off the Jersey shore and the Connecticut shore is staring to get hit, but we're just getting fringe impact from it.

I walked out of my hot spot and began to hike the trail. Squirrels are very random around here; usually one sighting every 5 hunts so I usually don't spend much time in the area. I was about to turn around when I saw a gray flash to my right. A squirrel was running across a branch about 25 yards out. I shouldered my Henry carbine, did my best to land the crosshairs on the chest of the moving squirrel and squeezed the trigger. The squirrel jumped and was gone. "Damn! The shot felt good but I must have missed." I approached the tree to see if I could find a tree to sit up against to wait it out. Then a gray streak flashed to my left followed by a 'THUMP'. "It can't be". I walked to the tree and there it was. Awesome! My first squirrel with the Quiet .22.

Moving on, I soon spotted another squirrel at the base of a tree at a distance, but it immediately jumped on the trunk and ran around the back side. I took a quick shot knowing I'd never hit it, and it disappeared. This one seemed worth waiting out, so I took a seat under a tree for 20 minutes. Over that time I caught a glimpse of it for a second here and a second there on the canopy, but I finally gave it up. 

I moved to another spot that I rarely have any luck at, but I needed to start covering some ground. It was now after 8 and the end of the feeding window was only an hour away. About 50 yards out I saw another squirrel of the ground. I needed to move closer because I was using the low-velocity ammo, and it ran for the trunk. When I was about 30 yards from the tree, it appeared as it ran up the right side of the trunk. Once again I quickly put the crosshairs on the biggest mass, the lung area and took the shot. The squirrel disappeared. "Missed it. Not really surprised. Oh well. I've broken my 'one shot, one squirrel' 2016 record." Checking the tree from various angles, I couldn't spot it so I decided to take a seat and search the branches with the scope. After a few minutes I put the rifle on my lap and I started to just wait. Then I noticed something on the ground. "What is that?.... what the..?! Can't be." It was. Exactly what happened earlier. The squirrel was hit in the lung, kept moving, then fell out of the tree. I didn't hear or see this one. Awesome! Two down with the Henry carbine and Quiet .22.  This combo works!!

Quiet 22 is ball ammo because I'm guessing that the bullet travels too slow to expand a hollow point. I'm actually surprised that the bullet had enough punch to knock down the squirrel at this distance, but it did. It just takes a little longer.

So there's two more soaking in salt water for the grill. Hope you're getting out there this weekend. If you are, let me know. Enjoy the holiday friends!

Rifle: Henry .22 Carbine
Ammo: CCI Quiet 22

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