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Saturday, December 10, 2016

CCI Quiet Segmented HP 22LR

I came across an ad for CCI Quiet Segmented HP 22LR in one of my gun magazines this month. I started hunting with Quiet 22 this year in my Henry Carbine lever action and I've been having very good luck. There are a few things in this ad that I wanting to bring to your attention.

First let me make it clear that CCI has never done squat to help me out. They've never given me a single round of ammo and allowed me to purchase a box of ammo directly from them during those years when .22 was impossible to find. Thanks for nothing CCI. CCI obviously doesn't need the help of guys like me to promote their product, so I assure you that my reporting on their products is not biased in any way.

Since Aguila, my go-to ammo, became impossible to find over the past few years, I switched exclusively to CCI. Let me ad that during my last trip to the gunshop, I was shocked to discover that an entire shelf was totally stocked with bricks of a variety of Aguila's 22 ammo. They've changed their packaging from the last time I saw a box on the shelf but it was the same ammo. But I've been having such good luck with CCI, and it's become so available that I don't see a reason to switch back. Sorry Aguila. You've lost a customer. They're another company that never responded to my attempts to contact them.

If you look closely at the back of this squirrel, you'll see the raised bullet stuck under the pelt.
Rifle: Henry .22 Carbine

CCI has a new segmented Quiet 22, and I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to try it. The standard Quiet 22 doesn't have enough velocity to pass through a squirrel's tough hide. Every time I shoot a squirrel, it appears that a bot fly maggot is trying to push its way out of the pelt. There's a large, raised bump on the surface and looks really strange if you've never seen it. But the bullet is easy to spot and it doesn't end up in the meat. Since Quiet 22 isn't as accurate as a MiniMag, at a distance I'll go for a lung shot instead of aiming for the head. Just about every time, the squirrel drops, I look for it where it fell and it appears that I missed or the squirrel crawled away. Inevitably within 10 yards I find the squirrel. Quiet 22 doesn't kill the squirrel immediately like a MiniMag unless it's a head shot, so if you drop one, spend a little time looking for it. It's likely right under your nose.

I am concerned that since the bullet doesn't pass through the squirrel, do I want three pieces of lead  in my meat that I need to locate? If my objective was varmint extermination, that wouldn't be a problem. But I eat the squirrels that I harvest, so I don't think I want this added problem. Squirrels are difficult enough to gut without having to search around for lead fragments. I think I'll stick with the standard bullet. Your situation may be different, and if so, I'd recommend the segmented ammo. I'm guessing it would result in a quicker kill.

From the ad:
'...CCI engineers designed Quiet-22 Segmented Hollow Point with a power charge optimized to produce 75% less perceived noise than standard velocity 22 Long Rifle rounds*. The loads keep the hunter undetected in the field and eliminates the need for hearing protection.'

Here's a footnote in the magazine ad that I thought was interesting:
*'Based on comparison of Quiet-22 Segmented HP and CCI Mini-Mag 22 LR fired through a 24-inch barrel. Quiet 22 produces 27 decibels less than Mini-Mag when measured at the shooter. perceived noise may vary.

Velocity 710 FPS, these cartridges may be used in semi-automatic firearm however manual cycling of the action might be required.'

From this hunting season's experience, I will agree that this ammo is amazingly quiet. Quieter than hunting with an air rifle. Squirrels often don't react when being shot at, which gives you a second chance if you miss and it doesn't spook the area. I also found this ammo to be amazingly accurate for a low velocity load. I do not recommend using it in your semi-auto. I tried hunting with it in the 15-22 and cycling the action manually made more of a racket than a louder shout would have. There's also added motion required, added time required between shots and you will end up revealing your location. Use this ammo with a lever rifle, pump or single shot bolt action. It is a blast to hunt with! ~Bob

I don't see the segmented Quiet-22 on the company website.

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