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Monday, June 15, 2009

Shooting the NAA .22 Magnum

Today my son Jamie and I spent the afternoon at our local range, and needless to say the hit of the day was my Mini-Master 22 magnum. I was able to fire 10 rounds with the LR cylinder yesterday, but today was my first opportunity to try out the magnum cylinder. As soon as I set up our bench, one of the Range Officers came over and said that he had been reading about this gun on my blog and was interested to see it. It wasn't long before another RO came to my bench and asked about the little revolver. He said, "You bring the coolest guns!" Later in the afternoon I filled the cylinder and let him have some fun.

My first impression was that this little handgun doesn't feel all that small in my hands and it's a real blast to shoot! The recoil is very manageable, and there was just enough feedback to make it fun but not enough to be uncomfortable. In fact, it's so easy to shoot that I took the rubber grips off when I got home to make my standard the smaller wood set which are nicer looking and easier to conceal.

After loading and emptying the gun a couple times it became second nature. Jamie looked on, and in no time he was taking out the cylinder and reinstalling it without assistance. Out of the three guns I brought with us today, the Mini-Master was obviously Jamie's favorite, and it wasn't long before he blew through 100 rounds of CCI hollow points. Unlike with the SingleSix, we shot 150 rounds without a single misfire.

The only negative was that I forgot to laser bore sight the revolver before hitting the range. When your cardboard backstop comes equipped with a thousand bullet holes and your targets are small, it's not easy to get a gun on paper. Soon after arriving home I checked the sights and discovered that they were pointing about 6" to the left. I used a wooden dowel and a hammer to give the rear sight a few taps and the iron sights became nicely in line with the laser. I hate to leave things unfinished, but I won't be able to return to the range again until next weekend. Ugh! It's going to be a long week.

NAAs Mini-Master is a gun that's so much fun that once you shoot one you'll want one. And once you have one, you'll be thinking about which model you want to purchase next. Hmmm... That Black Widow is sure look'n good!

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