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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Range Test: Oversized Rosewood Grip for NAA .22 Magnums

If you read my previous post you know that I just installed a set of NAA rosewood over-sized grips on my .22 magnum. The gun definitely looks better, carries better, and I now can actually get a grip on the tiny gun. But does it help with the way the revolver shoots? This morning I tested it.

First let me add a disclaimer to this test. I severely injured my back during a fall in early February, and have been laid up ever since. I was in constant agony for the first 3 weeks with excruciating sciatic nerve pain down my left leg. Almost two weeks ago I underwent surgery where a disk fragment was removed from my spine. I'm now in my second week of physical therapy with 2-4 weeks more to go. Over the past couple months I've barely been able to move, so I've become weak and unsteady. That's one reason I'm in physical therapy. This has been my first shoot since the accident, and one of the few times I've been out excluding trips to the ER, hospital and the neurosurgeon's office.

I did my best to steady myself during the shoot, and I felt that my stance was fairly solid. Not as steady as in the past, but not bad enough to throw off the test much.

I shot at an indoor range and their rules require that the target be a minimum of 25 feet out. I used Hornady 30 grain V-Max ammo with a ballistic tip. I won't even tell you the ballistic info on the box because it wouldn't apply to a gun with such a short barrel.

I started by shooting at a different target than the one above. After taking 20 shots, I only had maybe 4 holes in the paper! I had no idea where the shots were going. I was steady and the sights were right on the center target. How could I be shooting so poorly?!

Next I changed out targets, aimed a little higher and discovered that I had a decent group at the very bottom of the paper. I then raised the sights and aimed at the very top of the paper. The next shot was almost dead nuts. Ha Ha! That's what's happening. The gun is shooting 6-10" low. I shot 10 rounds in total and considering my physical limitations, I think the group was quite respectable at this distance. And that's a lot better than I shot with the small stock grips, because when I did hit the paper, I was all over it. I really had a difficult time keeping the barrel pointed straight ahead with those tiny grips, and when the gun fires, the muzzle flip and gun rotation was ridiculous.  My mindset became that I would only use the gun at a super close range, like if someone pulled my car door open and was attempting to pull me out.

After today my thinking has changed. I had no problem keeping the revolver perpendicular to the target and muzzle flip became minimal. Rotation left to right was zero. Though shooting high, every shot would have been into an attacker's chest if I pointed at the head and neck. Maybe a change in ammo would bring the shot up. That's for another shoot. But to sum things up, these larger grips are a winner. I now consider them a must-have on any NAA revolver. I hope I never need to point this gun at anyone, but if I do, I now have confidence that I can land some lead on the assailant, even at 25 feet. Regarding reliability, I shot 55 rounds this morning without a single misfire.

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