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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Applying Permethrin

(My daughter Erin on the left with her childhood friend Liz on last year's Peruvian adventure.)

This morning I went to Dick's and picked up a 24 oz spray bottle of Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent. At only $14, it was a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. I asked my daughter if she knew about this stuff and she said, "Yes". When Erin and her friend Liz took a trip to Peru last year, they were instructed to douse all their close with it because the bugs in the jungle are fierce. You can't get a better testimonial than that.

The first thing I did was to bring everything outside to be sprayed and hung my hunting clothes on the clothesline. Then I put on some Latex gloves to protect my hands from this stuff. It's really toxic until it dries.

They give an instruction sheet in the box which I found a bit confusing. It says you must use 3 oz per garment. 6 oz. per outfit. The bottom line is that the bottle contains 24 oz and you can treat 4 outfits per bottle. That means that you should use 1/4 of the bottle per outfit. Be careful which way the wind is blowing. You want the wind to your back if possible. Once sprayed, leave the clothes out to dry for a minimum of 2 hours on a dry day and 4 hours when humid. Then store everything in a dark plastic bag between uses to help preserve the application. Once applied, I don't wash the pants until they get really dirty. Of course the shirt and socks will need to be washed after each hunt. You can wash 6 times before needing to reapply.

The question came up in an earlier post as to whether Permethrin has an odor that game can detect. The package says in big letters that it is odorless, so I guess it must be.

The best way to know if this stuff is working is if I don't have to think about bugs and if I don't find crawling creatures on me when I return home. By the way, bring some bug spray with you for areas like your hands, neck and face. I also wear a mosquito net over my face. You'll want so cinch the bottom of your pants with legging straps to keep ticks from walking up your socks onto your legs. Even though the socks are sprayed, better safe than sorry. When I was in the service we used to wear blousing straps at the bottom of our military greens to seal our pants to our combat boots. I highly recommend buying a couple pair at an Army Navy store or from Amazon for about $2. They are well worth the price. In future posts I'll let you know how well this product works. For more information, go to https://sawyer.com/


2fewdaysafield said...

Yep.....Permethrin is the gold standard of keeping ticks away. And yea I remember blousing straps as well. But that was long ago at the Ft. Benning School for Wayward Boys. :)

Bob Rich said...

I think my brother was stationed there before going to Nam. The blousing straps really do work great for hunting.