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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Skinner Peep Sight for the Henry .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum (From 9/16/11)

.44 Mag. (Left), .357 Mag. (Right)

You've got to see this sight system! I had my gunsmith remove the iron sights and install a Skinner peep sight into the holes that come pre-drilled and hidden under the rear sight. These brass and black sights are really beautiful and blend perfectly with the rifles. I thought the rear sight might be too far forward, but it's perfect. Shoulder the rifle and you have a big, clear view of the new front sight that comes in the package. I'll post again when I sight the rifle in at the range. Until then, I'll use my laser to get the Henry on paper.

Here's a few photos. I now have color-coded rifles. These Henry's are almost identical, and the sights work as a color system to easily differentiate one rifle from the other. Brass is .44 Mag., Black is .357 Mag. The camera doesn't do these sights justice. CLICK HERE to see Skinner Sights' Henry page.

.44 Mag.

One last note: If you're a gun hacker like I am, you might want to have your sights installed by a gunsmith. Though no holes need to be drilled, I noticed that my gunsmith did a bit of filing and tapping to get the sights seated properly in the dovetails. I was only charged $15 for the job, and in my opinion that's money well spent. Thanks Jody!

.357 Mag

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2fewdaysafield said...

I'll be following how you like them once you sight them in...especially in low light. Been thinking of putting a skinner on my .357 for deer hunting.

Bob Rich said...

If you notice, this was originally posted in 2011, so I've had a lot of time to shoot with these sights. They are excellent. So good in fact that I've put them on everything from my Browning to numerous Henry's. I have bifocals so iron sights don't work well for me. These sights basically eliminate the rear sight. You forget it's there and simply go right to the front. No lining up sights. Just put the front blade or ball on the target and squeeze. I don't shoot in real low light, though it's never been an issue when I squirrel hunt in the morning with Skinners mounted on my 22's. Thanks for following the blog.

2fewdaysafield said...

Thanks Rich. Sorry about the date mix-up. :( I just flat didn't see the (From 9/16/11). My bad. I'll put a skinner on my .357 and see how it works out in low light in the woods. I've had to let a few deer walk because there just wasn't quite enough light to make a sure shot with the factory sights. A good low power scope would fix that but I just hate to put a scope on a levergun.

Bob Rich said...

I was thinking that you might want to give Skinner a call or shoot them an e-mail and ask if they can set you up with a sight with a large-aperture. I'm sure that would give you better low-light visibility.